About Company

Elasta Company is a family venture, founded in 1987. Since then the company has developed its potential to adapt to current market standards.

In the booming business of manufacturing rubber products, we take care of the highest quality of our products and good relations with our partners.

Elasta specializes in the production of rubber, rubber-metal and metal. Products for the automotive industry, machine, firefighting, and solar energy systems.

We have a machine park and experienced personnel. Our priority is to meet the needs and expectations of customers in the production, supply and usage of our products. In order to establish cooperation we present our range of products.

We also make other non-standard rubber products, rubber-metal and aluminium products. In addition, we manufacture products for individual orders, so we can accept orders for new products, which are not listed in directory.

We offer you assistance in the selection of rubber products, its parameters and execution form.

The nature of the company does not specify its name, statute or legislation. It is defined by the customer’s needs, which are met when he buys a product or service. Customer satisfaction is the mission and purpose of any business.

Peter Drucker