Safe surface

Safe surface

We’re recommending safe surface, available in wide range of types and usage, also we are specialising in manufacturing of normal, anti slip and depreciation mats from rubber granulates. It salso eco friendly products, because we are using recycling methods from plastics.

Our product can be used in outdoor and indoor installations, is ideal for playgrounds, tenis courts, sports fields and in gym & fitness. It also safe, elastic, with perfect adhesion. Surface prevents slipping and protects against injury.

Safe surface is also restitant against abrasion, high and low temperatures, rains & UV radiation, and waterproof.


Safety is highest value during kids play. Stable, sealed, non-slip and depreciated surfaces provides protection during fall and prevent injuries. It’s created with slabs of rubber granulate SBR and EPDM. Available im standard form, combied with the tongue & groove edges and pins, as well, as in the form of puzzles, which do not require any connectors. We’re offering a wide range of colours, so you can freely create any compositions.

Shot putter

It’s necessary equipment of each shooting range. Shot putters are made to protect structural elements of buildings (they have two tasks – to absorb the kinetic energy or capture of fired pellets) .This material is available in the form of plates of different sizes and colors.

Garden & Terraces

One of important elements on terraces is slip resistant, safe and elastic surface, which i also resistant to outdoor factors, like water and high/low temperatures. In addidtion, it is important to restatnce against mechanical damage – the pressure of the heel or furniture. Our boards have two shapes – rectangular or triangular, which is connected by pins, and tongue & groove locks. There are also models of puzzle edge type.

Gym & Sport Area

As an ideal substrate for sports facilities or recreational are suited grille stabilizing soil Stella Green. This innovative product is made from recycled plastic polyethylene. Perfect for the parking lots, lawns, driveways, roads or residential interior. The grill can be the basis for the grass, and it can also be filled with sand, gravel or grit.

Service & Repair

We also renovate and repair safety surface covering playgrounds. We make replacements of damaged discs renew the colors and perform minor fixes.